A.Celli starts up key equipment for Akinal Sentetik Tekstil’s SPL11 nonwoven line

The start-up of the winder, rewinder, master roll transfer system and shaft extractor by A.Celli Turkey’s team concluded the project without any open points and with optimal results.

A.Celli and Akinal Tekstil’s latest joint project involved the supply of key end-of-line equipment for the SPL11 located in the Gaziantep plant, Turkey. Said line is dedicated to the production of 30-350 gsm 100% cotton spunlace and composites with a width of 3200 mm at an operational speed of 200 m/min .

Specifically, A.Celli delivered and installed a STREAM winder, a RAPID off-line slitter rewinder, a COMBI with crane for the transfer of the master roll between these two machines and, finally, a shaft extractor system.

This project will join the other five lines that Akinal Sentetik Tekstil (Asnonwovens) and A.Celli have developed and started up together over the past two years, namely the spunmelt-wetlaid line for composite and flushable wipes , the lamination line for baby diaper backsheet and the SPL1 and SPL10 lines for light grammage spunlace for diaper topsheet and elastic film lamination. The start-up of the latest SPL-9 (CAC) line is scheduled in June.

Mr. Önder Doğan, Plant Manager of Akinal Sentetik Tekstil (Asnonwovens), says: “This is the sixth project that we successfully completed with A.Celli: that alone is enough to prove how much we trust these solutions. Every time we worked with A.Celli and A.Celli Turkey we obtained excellent results, their service has been top-notch and so were the reliability and quality of the machinery. We are very happy for our partnership and we look forward to the next project together”.

Source: ACelli

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