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Baobab Tree Event Management Co Ltd

Baobab Tree Event Management Company Limited

Founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Hong Kong, Baobab Tree Event Management Co., Ltd. (BTE) is the Professional Event Organizer for IAVC 2024. Specializing in the planning and management of premier events and exhibitions, BTE operates branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. With over 20 years of industry experience, the company delivers projects with exceptional professionalism. Committed to sustainability, BTE integrates ESG measures and promotes sustainable development Serving as a sales agent for nearly 20 international exhibitions annually, BTE also helps Chinese companies expand into global markets.

BTE organizes, manages and represents a number of the world’s leading trade shows and significant events, including:

– Integrated Systems Europe (Europe)

– InfoComm (USA)

– Beijing InfoComm China (China)

– InfoComm India (India)

– InfoComm Asia (Thailand)

– Integrate Expo (Australia)

– International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen) (China)

– Southern China Smart Manufacturing & Innotech Fair (SMF) (China)

– IAAPA Expo Asia (Asia)

– Cathay International Chinese New Year Night Parade (Hong Kong, China)

– Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival (Hong Kong, China)

– HSBC 150th Anniversary Banknote (Hong Kong, China)

– BOCHK Commemorative Banknote Collection (Hong Kong, China)

– BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference (Hong Kong, China)

– Vegetarian Food Asia (Hong Kong, China)

– ANTEX Asia (Thailand)

– Beyond Women Fest (Hong Kong, China)

and more……

Additionally, BTE acts as an agent for nearly 20 international professional exhibitions annually, helping Chinese companies expand into global markets. For more details, please visit the official website: www.baobab-tree-event.com.

MGT Expo Planning and Management Ltd

MGT Expo Planning and Management Ltd

MGT Expo Planning and Management Ltd. (MGT) takes pride in its founding team of seasoned professionals who are passionate about optimizing business effectiveness and marketing performance, committing to exhibitions that inspire, engage, and connect business people. 

Grace Mak, founder of MGT, is well recognized in the exhibition industry with her 30 years of experience. Grace has a proven track record of success in developing and executing successful exhibition strategies in Asia, and is well connected with many professional trade associations globally. Grace has a deep understanding of the needs of exhibitors, trade buyers, and is knowledgeable to lead and develop holistic B2B event strategies.

Tradelink Co Ltd

Tradelink Co., Ltd

Tradelink Co., Ltd in Japan was founded by Nao Kozuka who has over 40 years of experience in organizing and managing B2B and B2C exhibitions, covering more than 10 different industries. Mr. Kozuka launched the first Nonwoven trade show in Asia 35 years ago and has been involved in various nonwoven events ever since.  His rich experience and expertise in the nonwoven industry is a truly valuable asset for the launch of Antex Asia. 

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