Amcor launches 30%-recycled content packaging for Huggies Eco Protect diapers

MIAMI, April. 25, 2024 – Amcor (NYSE: AMCR, ASX: AMC), a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, together with Kimberly Clark, has launched packaging for its Eco Protect diapers with 30% recycled materials in Peru. The bags contain post-consumer recycled content and provide a more sustainable packaging solution for the hypoallergenic diapers made with certified, plant-based fibers.

The new Huggies Eco Protect diapers packaging is designed and produced by Amcor for Kimberly Clark with a shared goal of contributing to a circular economy. The bag has been developed using recycled plastic film that has been processed to be reused as a raw material maintaining performance and minimizing impact on visual appeal.

“A recent Mintel survey shows 39% of Peruvians prefer sustainable packaging, highlighting the importance of the circular economy. By reducing, reusing and recycling materials, we can minimize waste and protect our planet,” said Carolina Gormezano, Huggies’ Marketing Director for the Andes region.

Amcor Latin America Marketing Director Laetitia Sanchez, said, “By collaborating with Kimberly Clark, we’ve developed more sustainable packaging solutions using recycled plastic films. This results in impressive environmental benefits, including 30% less energy consumption, 23% lower carbon footprint, and 23% less water usage compared to standard packaging1.“

Flexible plastics offer several advantages for packaging, including being lightweight, and can be formed into a variety of shapes for improved functionality and visual appeal. Sanchez added, “We are proud to collaborate with Kimberly-Clark in designing solutions that meet consumer needs and contribute to the circular economy.”

  1. Data from our Amcor ASSET™ Life cycle assessment. ↩︎

Source: Amcor

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