ANTEX Asia 2024 proudly announces THTI & TNFA as new co-hostswhile expanding into the ASEAN market!

Hong Kong, May 16, 2024 – On May 16, 2024, the Asia Nonwovens Technology Expo (ANTEX Asia) 2024 introduced the Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) and the Thai Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association (TNFA) as co-hosts alongside our nonwoven trade show experts: Baobab Tree Event Management Co., Ltd, MGT Expo Planning and Management Ltd, and Tradelink Co., Ltd.

Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) operates independently and is governed by a committee composed of representatives from both the Thai government and private sectors. Its overarching goal is to propel Thailand’s textile industry towards international competitiveness. This is achieved by placing particular emphasis on fostering innovation and enhancing connectivity within the textile sector to drive productivity and bolster competitiveness. To facilitate this transformation, the institution integrates all essential elements into a cohesive value chains network. Moreover, its endeavors are closely aligned with Thai’s national policies and strategies, as well as the prevailing global trends in the textile industry.

Endorsement Statement from THTI

“We are delighted to serve as a co-host for ANTEX Asia 2024 and wholeheartedly endorse this exceptional nonwovens expo. THTI recognizes and commends ANTEX Asia’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. We firmly believe that this event will play a pivotal role in advancing skills and knowledge within the industry, while fostering extensive collaboration opportunities among Thai and international enterprises across diverse sectors.”

Thai Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association (TNFA), founded in March, 2020, carries the mission of serving all Thai nonwoven companies. Thailand is a major hub in ASEAN for nonwovens production and usage. Taking this advantage, TNFA helps its members trade equipment, products and services for domestic consumption as well as throughout the ASEAN and globally to service the disposable hygiene, medical, automotive, tissue paper and packaging sectors. The association will seek to work with other global nonwovens associations, companies, suppliers and distributors that produce equipment, and products, covering the full supply chain for nonwovens from raw material to finished product, to distribution.

Endorsement Statement from TNFA

“Enthusiastically believing in the potential of the Thai nonwoven industry, TNFA is thrilled to extend our support as a co-host of ANTEX Asia 2024. This influential trade show provides an exceptional platform for our members to engage in the trading of equipment, products, and services within the domestic, ASEAN, and global markets. TNFA ardently believes that ANTEX Asia 2024 will contribute significantly to the development and expansion of the Thai nonwoven sector, fostering valuable opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and business growth.”

Grace Mak, Managing Director at MGT Expo Planning and Management Ltd., warmly welcomes and thanks THTI and TNFA for their invaluable support as co-hosts, “Together, we aim to host a market-driven event in Thailand, showcasing the immense potential of the nonwovens industry in the ASEAN region. With Thailand’s rich textile heritage, strategic location, and strong manufacturing capabilities, it is the perfect place to host this prestigious trade show. Join us in celebrating the best of the industry in Thailand, where innovation thrives and partnerships flourish.”

Thailand – a nonwovens hub for expanding into the ASEAN markets

With strong endorsements from key Thai nonwovens entities, Thailand strategically positioned as a nonwovens hub, offers valuable opportunities for industry players in the ASEAN market.

Thailand’s excellent connectivity, world-class infrastructure, and Free Trade Agreements facilitate seamless logistics and trade. The region has over 640 million consumers, coupled with Thailand’s strong domestic market, driven by being Southeast Asia’s largest automotive producer, and its reputation as a global health security index ranking of 5th and Asia’s top destination for medical care and retirement, create significant demand for nonwovens.

Additionally, Thailand’s proximity to Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, with Malaysia manufacturing approximately one-third of the world’s semiconductors, Vietnam serving as the largest export market for nonwoven products from China in Southeast Asia valued at US$400 million, and Indonesia dominating the disposable hygiene products market with a value of US$6.5 billion in 2022 and a CAGR of 12.8%, enhances the expansion of the ASEAN nonwovens market.

By connecting the nonwovens market within ASEAN, Asia-Pacific, and beyond, Thailand offers abundant business opportunities in the ASEAN nonwovens industry. Join ANTEX Asia 2024 to benefit from valuable business networking, knowledge exchanges, and the exploration of cutting-edge nonwoven materials and technology.


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About the Organizers:

Baobab Tree Event Management Company Limited

Founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Hong Kong, Baobab Tree Event Management Co., Ltd. (BTE) is the Professional Event Organizer for IAVC 2024. Specializing in the

planning and management of premier events and exhibitions, BTE operates branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. With over 20 years of industry experience, the company delivers projects with exceptional professionalism. Committed to sustainability, BTE integrates ESG measures and promotes sustainable development. Serving as a sales agent for nearly 20 international exhibitions annually, BTE also helps Chinese companies expand into global markets. BTE organizes, manages and represents a number of the world’s leading trade shows and significant events, including Integrated Systems Europe, InfoComm, International Electronics Circuit Exhibition, Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival, International Chinese New Year Night Parade, Vegetarian Food Asia, and BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo and Conference.

MGT Expo Planning and Management Ltd

Grace Mak, founder of MGT, is well recognized in the exhibition industry with her 30 years of experience. Grace has a proven track record of success in developing and executing successful exhibition strategies in Asia, and is well connected with many professional trade associations globally. Grace has a deep understanding of the needs of exhibitors, trade buyers, and is knowledgeable to lead and develop holistic B2B event strategies.

Tradelink Co., Ltd

Tradelink Co., Ltd in Japan was founded by Nao Kozuka who has over 40 years of experience in organizing and managing B2B and B2C exhibitions, covering more than 10 different industries. Mr. Kozuka launched the first Nonwoven trade show in Asia 35 years ago and has been involved in various nonwoven events ever since. His rich experience and expertise in the nonwoven industry is a truly valuable asset for the launch of ANTEX Asia.

Organizers Contact:

Baobab Tree Event Management Co., Ltd

Ms. Nickel Tsui

Email: [email protected]

MGT Expo Planning and Management Ltd

Ms. Grace Mak

Email: [email protected]

Tradelink Co., Ltd

Mr. Nao Kozuka

Email: [email protected]

Media Contact:

Baobab Tree Event Management Co., Ltd

Ms. Phoebe Chan

Tel: (852) 3520 3638

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