Dude Wipes Makes Bain & Company’s 2024 Insurgent Brands List

Announces upcoming launch of extra large flushable wipe with Odor Eliminating Technology

Dude Wipes has been named to Bain & Company’s 2024 Insurgent Brands list, which identifies companies disrupting their fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories in the U.S. Dude Wipes is one of 97 brands to make this year’s list.

“Making this list is just further evidence that our mission to educate consumers that wet Dude Wipes cleans better than dry toilet paper is resonating with consumers,” says Jeffrey Klimkowski, co-founder of Dude Wipes.

Bain & Company defines insurgent brands as those that generate more than $25 million of annual revenues in tracked channels, have grown more than 10 times their category’s average growth rate over the last five years, and maintained at least 10% growth over last two years, while remaining independent or having been acquired by a large consumer packaged goods company only within the last two years.

Dude Wipes says the secret to their success is through disruptive innovation and strong consumer engagement in the stale toilet tissue category.

“After one try, consumers know our extra large flushable wipes clean better than dry toilet paper. That coupled with strong consumer engagement with the Dude Wipes brand which uses humor and boldness to create trust changes consumer habits,” Klimkowski says.

“Every year the Insurgent brands we identify provide insight into where innovative and disruptive growth is happening in the sector,” says Charlotte Apps, executive vice president of Bain’s Consumer Products practice. “At a time when many scale incumbents have reached their limits on price increases and volumes have stagnated, the insurgents on our list prove that a return to volume-driven growth will require a refocus on meaningful consumer-centric value propositions and strong velocities at the shelf. Looking forward we expect these insurgents to continue to capture a greater share of category growth.”

Being recognized with 96 other brands growing at least 10 times faster than their peers is an honor and it is only pushing Dude Wipes to continue revolutionizing the toilet paper space.

“We believe consumers hire Dude Wipes to do one job and that is to deliver a better clean than dry toilet paper alone. This is why we remain solely focused on the continued disruption of the dry toilet paper category and delivering solutions for consumers that washes away the stuff that dry toilet paper leaves behind,” Klimkowski says. “As part of this focus, we are proud to announce the launch of our new extra large flushable wipe with Odor Eliminating Technology that will be sold in more than 2,000 Walmart stores this coming May. The new wipe will not only deliver a better clean than dry toilet paper, but also long-lasting odor elimination to provide consumers with The Best Clean, Pants Down!”

Source: Nonwovens Industry – Breaking News

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