Huru International and USAID Partner to Improve Menstrual Health and Hygiene Practices for Women in Low-Income Occupations in Kenya

 Huru International, in a pivotal partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), unveiled a new initiative aimed at improving menstrual health and hygiene for women in Kenya’s workforce. The program will reach 22,500 women in the garment production and horticultural industries across Nakuru, Machakos, Kajiado, and Nairobi counties, which are significant employment sectors for women.

Lorna Macleod, Founder of Huru International, expressed excitement about the partnership: “Our partnership with USAID is game-changing. This collaboration is not just about providing menstrual products; it’s about empowering women in the workplace and challenging the status quo.”

The project aims to bridge the menstrual health gap for women who, due to poverty, often resort to using unsafe and unsanitary alternatives. This intervention will focus on enhancing their health, dignity, and equity at work by providing 22,500 menstrual packs containing Huru reusable sanitary pads and panties to women at 43 workplaces. These kits will be supplemented with educational sessions on menstrual health and broader sexual and reproductive health topics, equipping women with the knowledge and resources to seek medical support as needed. Additionally, the Huru Free2 digital platform will be utilized to reinforce learning.

To cultivate a supportive work culture, the initiative will include awareness campaigns and activities reaching 13,600 supervisors and male colleagues to combat menstrual stigma and discrimination. The positive change in the workplace is expected to lead to better menstrual management, reduced absenteeism and increased job satisfaction and retention.

Wanjiru Kepha, Huru International’s Country Director in Kenya, highlights the program’s profound impact: “This initiative is transformative for Kenyan women in low-income jobs. It not only elevates their day-to-day lives, but also unlocks untapped economic potential, paving the way for workplace gender equality.”

Huru International and USAID are committed to addressing gender inequalities and fostering more inclusive workplace environments, thereby advancing women’s empowerment and economic growth in Africa.

Source: PR Newswire

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