Kelheim Fibres presents latest developments on tampon absorption at the Cellulose Fibres Conference

Kelheim Fibres, a leading manufacturer of viscose specialty fibres, is showcasing recent research findings at this year’s Cellulose Fibres Conference. The development, led by Dr. Ingo Bernt, Project Leader of Fibre & Application Development at Kelheim Fibres, and Dr. Thomas Harter from Graz University of Technology, provides insightful insights into the correlation between the geometry of viscose fibres and the liquid absorption of tampons.

Kelheim Fibres has long been engaged in the functionalization of viscose fibres, including the specific adaptation of fibre cross-sections.

The trilobal Galaxy®, highly esteemed in the industry as THE tampon fibre from Kelheim Fibres for many decades, serves as a prime example. The current study now underscores the unique properties of the fibre, primarily rooted in its geometry. This involves taking a closer look at the underlying mechanisms.

It has been confirmed that, in contrast to the traditionally round viscose fibres and despite similar chemical compositions and mechanical properties, Galaxy® enables significantly better liquid absorption: While the higher specific surface area of trilobal fibres already promotes improved liquid absorption, this is not the main factor accounting for the difference in absorption. Instead, the geometric shape of the fibres proves to be crucial. Trilobal fibres create and maintain a more voluminous, extensive network within the absorbent body, providing a larger volume for liquid absorption.

“The results of our study are not limited to tampons—any application requiring increased absorbency can benefit from the properties of our Galaxy® fibres.”

– Dr. Ingo Bernt

For more information, join the Cellulose Fibres Conference on March 14th in Cologne, where Dr. Ingo Bernt and Dr. Thomas Harter will present the lecture “Geometry Matters: Unveiling Tampon Absorption Mechanisms” at 2:50 PM.

Source: Kelheim Fibres

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