Kelheim to increase viscose fibre prices

Bavarian viscose speciality fibre manufacturer Kelheim Fibres is to increase viscose fibre prices from 1 April 2024.

Increases are expected to be between 12% and 15% for the company’s viscose fibres.

Kelheim reports that with the strong rebound in cotton fibre prices, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for viscose, especially in Asia.

“In the face of the rapid rise in interest rates, wages, chemicals, and environmental costs, accompanied by depressed fibre prices over the past years, Kelheim Fibres has no other choice than to start improving margins back to sustainable levels by raising the base price.”

– Kelheim

The company’s speciality fibres are used in a range of diverse applications from fashion, hygiene and medical products to nonwovens and speciality papers.

All its fibres are made from 100% wood pulp from PEFC or FSC certified sources. They are fully biodegradable and offer an environmentally sound alternative to petroleum-based materials in a broad range of different end products – while maintaining or even enhancing the functional performance of the product.

The production takes place exclusively in Germany and complies with the strict German environmental legislation.

Source: Sustainable Nonwovens

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