Mewalii Launches Hemp-Based Period Pads

Danish femcare startup launches cotton-free menstrual products made from Sero fibers

Danish Femcare Start-up Mewalii, founded by Simone Westergaard and Frederikke Dahl, has introduced the period pads crafted from Sero regenerative hemp fibers without the use of cotton. The launch, which took place in January 2024, marks a significant milestone for the founders after more than four years of dedicated effort and passion of development.

Frederikke Dahl, Co-Founder of Mewalii, says, “We had an amazing launch and it was so soothing to be able to say that from this day you be able to buy Mewaliis hemp pads – it was unbelievable amazing.”

Mewaliis journey began in 2019 when the founders, inspired by a university entrepreneurship program, envisioned developing fully biodegradable sanitary pads. The launch of their first product is the culmination of years of commitment to providing climate-friendly sanitary pad options to menstruators worldwide.

The motivation behind Mewalii’s initiative lies in addressing the environmental impact of conventional feminine hygiene products. With an estimated 26% of the global population menstruating, the founders were determined to offer alternatives to the environmentally harmful products currently available.

Dahl highlighted the need for change: “Some of the pads on the market today are made of up to 90% plastic. And those that are not made of plastic are made of cotton (and plastic) which we all know requires huge amounts of resources, as water, pesticides, insecticides, space and transportation. We want to change this with a product made from materials that are less harmful to the environment than those used in conventional sanitary pads today.”

Mewalii recently won The REBOOT awards main award for sustainability. It aims to recognize companies that are at the forefront of the green transition. Mewalii’s win signifies not only a commendable product innovation but also a strong commitment to sustainability. The company’s business model includes online subscriptions, single purchases, and making their pads accessible at office spaces at companies.

Dahl, the product developer of the duo, spent months researching and testing various plant fibers for absorbency, water consumption, and overall environmental impact. The choice of hemp as the preferred fiber aligns with Mewalii’s commitment to sustainability. Hemp, known for its minimal environmental impact and efficient carbon sequestration, allows Mewalii to go towards sustainability and contribute positively to the planet.

Mewalii is currently seeking a strategic investor who shares our commitment to sustainable and nature-positive menstrual care. This partnership will not only propel the company’s growth but will also contribute to the global movement towards eco-conscious femcare solutions.

Looking ahead, Mewalii has set clear goals for growth, and development of more hemp based products, aiming to make their pads accessible across Europe and eventually worldwide. Beyond commercial success, the founders are dedicated to educating people about the importance of chemical-free sanitary products and reducing landfill waste through natural fiber solutions.

Source: Nonwovens Industry – Breaking News

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