OrganoClicks biobased nonwoven binders nominated for the 2024 World of Wipes Innovation Award®

Many nonwovens are today made by cellulosic fibers bonded together with a non-degradable plastic binder. The resulting material becomes a hybrid material, partly cellulosic and partly plastic. This material can neither be recycled nor composted and must be incinerated after use.

OC-BioBinder® represents a series of biobased and biodegradable binders that can be used to replace plastic binders in nonwoven and paper. They are produced from renewable raw materials and side streams from the food industry. A nonwoven made from cellulosic fibers and OC-BioBinder® are both 100% biobased and biodegradable and can both be recycled and home composted. OC-BioBinder® is available with many different properties adapted to the production of home compostable nonwoven materials such as for instance premium napkins, table cloths and wet wipes.

The World of Wipes Innovation Award® recognizes and rewards innovation within the entire wipes value chain that utilizes nonwoven fabric/technology in a way that expands the usage of nonwovens. Presented annually, eligible categories include, but are not limited to: raw materials, roll goods, converting, packaging, active ingredients, binders, additives and end-use products. In order to be considered for the World of Wipes Innovation Award®, the product must be part of the process and production of a nonwoven wipe, have been introduced to the consumer market, or to the trade, within 24 months preceding the event date and be truly innovative. OC-BioBinder® qualify for all this and has been chosen globally as one of three finalists.

OC-BioBinder® will be presented by our R&D Director Dr Maria Wennman on 18th of June at the World of Wipes trade fair, together with presentations of the other two finalists. Thereafter will the conference attendees vote for the winner which will be announced on 20th of June.

Source: OrganoClick

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