Polypropylene Film Made From Certified Circular Resin

Torayfan PP film is made with certified circular resins.

Toray Plastics announced it is offering its customers Torayfan PP film made with certified circular resins. Toray is purchasing certified circular resin from Exxon Mobil, which makes use of an advanced recycling technology called Exxtend.

Toray’s PP film is used for a wide variety of food packaging applications. According to the company, the Exxon Mobil resin does not need requalification for use with Toray’s film because resin produced by the Exxtend process is virgin quality. 

Exxon’s advanced recycling facilities and mass balance approach have been ISCC Plus certified. Toray’s film manufacturing operations, in North Kingston, Rhode Island, have also been ISCC Plus certified.

According to a study conducted by Sphera, every 1,000 tons of plastic waste processed by the Exxtend process resulted in 19% to 49% lower greenhouse gas emissions, compared with processing the same amount of fossil-based feedstock. The Exxtend process is fed by a mixture of plastic waste and crude oil-derived feedstock.

“Choosing certified-circular resins for our Torayfan films is another important step in demonstrating our commitment to plastic circularity and delivering more value to our customers,” says Chris Nothnagle, senior director of new business development at Toray. “First, plastic is diverted from a landfill. Second, the mass balance accounting approach ensures that the plastic waste the manufacturer processes is accounted for as the certified-circular resin it sells.”

Source: Plastics Technology

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