PulPac Dry Molded Machine Operational at Joa’s US Site

Modula machine platform, handling high-volume production, available for customer trials

PulPac, a frontrunner in sustainable packaging solutions, and its turnkey partner Curt G. Joa (JOA) have successfully installed and begun operation of of the cutting-edge “Modula” Dry Molded Fiber converting line at Joa’s site in Sheboygen Falls, WI. Starting this week, the machine will be showcased to customers in collaboration with PulPac’s North American sales partner, Seismic Solutions. The Modula machine platform handles high-volume production of a wide range of dry molded fiber products while offering freedom and flexibility to make additions and upgrades to the original machine platform concept.

With single-use plastics becoming an ever-increasing problem, Swedish PulPac can present a globally viable, cost-efficient, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable alternative. The company has developed a pioneering manufacturing technology for fiber-based products that uses significantly less water and energy than traditional fiber forming. The dry process lowers the CO2 footprint by up to 80% and is up to 10 times faster than conventional fiber-forming, making fiber-based alternatives cost-competitive to plastic packaging. The technology is made available through licensing to packaging manufacturers worldwide. It is supported by a global partner network that supplies all elements needed to leverage dry molded fiber production.

“Seeing the technology and the machinery live is often an eye-opener for people in the industry. And I am thrilled that we can now showcase the technology and the Modula firsthand to our North American customers. With partners based locally, we also expand and simplify customer access to support, know-how, product development, and capacity.”

– Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer at PulPac

Joa, a renowned machine builder, is part of PulPac’s growing Dry Molded Fiber network and delivers the Modula as a turnkey solution. Joa works closely with Seismic Solutions, PulPac’s sales partner, and TekPak, its tooling partner in North America. Besides being showcased to customers, the Modula at Joa’s site will validate customer tooling and products and produce bridge volumes for, e.g., market tests. While the Joa Modula is adapted to the North American Market, it is available to all customers licensing the Dry Molded Fiber technology from PulPac.

“I believe Dry Molded Fiber will revolutionize the way packaging is manufactured and perceived. Combining this technology with our engineering know-how and machine-building expertise will benefit the packaging industry, drive sustainability, and help facilitate the shift away from single-use plastics.”

– Ryan Brown, business development manager, Curt G. JOA

Besides the Modula platform, PulPac has also developed the “Scala” Machine Platform, a smaller and more compact Dry Molded Fiber machine based on a plastic injection machine platform.

“Our goal is to foster a packaging industry where sustainability is no longer a choice but a fundamental principle. Dry Molded Fiber can do that, and at the same time be good business for the whole value chain, from the brands to the manufacturers and the suppliers of materials and equipment.”

– Viktor Börjesson, Chief Operating Officer at PulPac

Source: Nonwovens Industry – Breaking News

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