Soft N Dry commences operations in Brazil

  • Soft N Dry Diapers and its subsidiary Soft N Dry de México have expanded to Brazil, targeting eco-conscious consumers with sustainable diaper products.
  • It includes B2B white label offerings, a partner portal for OEM manufacturers, and a ‘Last Mile’ Retail Network.
  • The move aims to meet demand for high-performance, eco-friendly items at affordable prices.

Soft N Dry Diapers and its subsidiary Soft N Dry de México, have announced that they have commenced sales and marketing operations in Brazil, which is both Latin America’s largest economy and a leading consumer-driven market for sustainable consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Soft N Dry has three core pillars to its value proposition for new stakeholders, partners, and customers in Brazil; Proprietary B2B proprietary white label baby diaper products, a B2B partner portal to facilitate the OEM baby diaper manufacturers’ onboarding of Soft N Dry products, and a new ‘Last Mile’ Retail Network to move sustainable disposable baby diaper units at scale to cost and eco-conscious consumers.

“In coordination with our OEM partners in México, our expansion of sales and marketing activities in Brazil aims to service a growing market where nearly half of consumers already self-identify as sustainable shoppers in their everyday purchasing decisions. What consumers are looking for in most Latin American markets, and on the shelves of their local retailers, are high performance products with an excellent sustainability profile which come in at, or below, their existing household budget. We believe that today marks a significant pivot from the old stigma of eco products having to be more expensive, as we now aim to successfully deliver our innovative products to both baby diaper manufacturers and Last Mile white label retail customers in Brazil,” Matthew Keddy, CEO of Soft N Dry, said.

“Our ecoFlex Core for OEM disposable baby diaper manufacturers, and white label baby diapers for retailers, allows us to collectively bring one united message to consumers in Brazil, México, and throughout Latin America; that our tree free baby diapers are both softer and drier, and do not result in degradation of our critically important natural resources. Soft N Dry de México, being in Latin America, is home to over 25 per cent of the world’s arable land and freshwater resources, and through our partners and customers we are pleased to now bring to market in Brazil our tree free baby diapers that outperform traditional diapers in all performance metrics, and at lower cost to consumers who cherish sustainability,” Ricardo Santana, president of Soft N Dry de México, said.

Source: Technical Textile

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