The Loop Factory, Rester Partner on Textile Recycling

Companies aim to provide the market with circular material and product solutions based on recycled textiles at scale

The Loop Factory and Rester announced a strategic partnership in response to the critical challenge of finding circular solutions at scale for non-reusable textiles. The Loop Factory and Rester will join forces to meet the growing need for innovative solutions and contribute to a circular textile landscape in the Nordic market.

With a shared commitment to create a systemic change for textile recycling, the goal is to provide the market with circular material and product solutions based on recycled textiles at scale. Rester and The Loop Factory will combine their strengths in fiber-opening know-how, capacity, and nonwoven technologies to speed up the implementation of recycled textile fibers into different industrial processes.

”I sincerely believe in cross-company collaborations; it’s where we can move forward faster. We are eager to start collaborating with Rester, experts in sourcing and preparing non-reusable textiles for recycling at scale. Their bold moves, curiosity, and forward-looking approach is a perfect match, and our partnership makes us well prepared to develop circular solutions based on recycled textiles,” says Maria Ström, CEO of The Loop Factory.

“The circular transition requires systemic change, committed individuals and cross-company development. Without innovation efforts, a natural culture of change to utilize the opportunities of the circular economy will not emerge. The Loop Factory team has extensive knowledge of different nonwoven structures and technologies. Moreover, they genuinely seek change and have a very innovative mindset. I believe we can create a completely new competitive advantage together and help companies renew their product portfolio,” says Anna-Kaisa Huttunen, director of Partnerships at Rester.

Combining deep knowledge in building circular textile value chains, The Loop Factory and Rester are ready to revolutionize how recycled textile fibers can create new market opportunities in nonwoven materials.

Both companies are committed to the European Textile Strategy and have deep knowledge in mechanical textile recycling. The partnership creates a new knowledge centre in the Nordic market to explore and support the industrial transformation with innovative nonwoven applications.

”For us, the circular economy revolution isn’t just a trend; it’s our established norm. We are already equipped to provide concrete solutions to our industrial sector customers, marking our commitment to sustainability and driving innovation forward,” say Huttunen and Ström.

Rester was founded in 2019 and started the fiber-opening operations in 2021. Today, Rester has the largest mechanical textile recycling center in Northern Europe. The Loop Factory was founded in 2015 and is specialized in developing sustainable and circular materials and technology solutions for fiber-based materials.

Source: Nonwovens Industry – Breaking News

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