The Navigator Company increases tissue prices by 8 to 10%

The Navigator Company announced today that it will increase tissue prices by 8 to 10% in all markets, effective for all dispatches from May 2024 onwards, to mitigate the increase in its production costs. The Company is in the process of informing its clients about the details of the new prices to be applied.

This decision was taken following the accelerated cycle inversion, initiated in August 2023, which brought generalised and very significant price hikes in production costs, namely in pulp, the main cost factor in tissue production. The international pulp price reference index (short fiber) has increased 65% since August 2023. In addition, a new pulp price for May has been announced last week, representing an additional 10% increase versus today’s price, that shall be the highest price ever occurring in the industry (an historical record).

Navigator believes this exceptional measure is critical to guarantee the long-term sustainability of its business model and of the global supply chain, including its Customers and Suppliers.

The Company will continue to develop its business in partnership with its customers, reinforcing the value proposition in several dimensions such as the high quality of its products, its service level and product innovation.

Source: Paper First

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