Unicharm Starts Selling Recycled Diaper

Japanese company uses ozone technology to repurpose diaper material

Unicharm has reportedly started selling the world’s first “horizontally” recycled diaper in the southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima, Japan. The Japanese-based company announced in 2022 it was in the process of developing a recycled diaper.

The diapers are described as horizontal because they are made using recycled diaper materials. Unicharm has used  sterilisation, bleaching, and deodorising technology involving ozone to ensure that the recycled diapers are free from unpleasant smells and bacteria.

The diapers, which are priced slightly higher than virgin products, will eventually be sold in 68 stores by retailer Aeon Kyushu Co.

Source: Nonwovens Industry – Breaking News

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