Zuiko Purchases Japanese Cotton Manufacturer

Acquisition of Teimen will fuel expansion within hygiene and beyond

Zuiko Corporation, a Japanese hygiene machinery manufacturer, has acquired Teimen Corporation, a producer of cotton-based products, through its newly formed subsidiary Cotex. As a maker of hygiene machinery, Zuiko has designed advanced converting machines and developed processing technologies that add value to products such as disposable diapers and feminine napkins. Teimen is one of few Japanese cotton manufacturing companies that uses inherited traditional manufacturing methods to produce cotton pads with superior softness, water absorbency and water retention capabiltiies.

Through the acquisition, Zuiko aims to further add value to hygiene products by making and developing the function of cotton, a natural material widely used in hygiene items, and pursue its use in areas beyond hygiene. The company’s third medium-term management plan, which spans 2023-2026, states an intention to expand into new business areas where it can use its existing technologies and know-how.

Source: Nonwovens Industry – Breaking News

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